What to do if you have difficulty in connecting to the OLMS portal.

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    1. Notify your Lecturer via SMS/Whatsapp/call so that he/she can have a record of your challenge.
    2. Send WhatsApp message to any the following ICT Managers to lodge your complaints and follow up with them till the problem is resolved

    1. Dr. Matthew on 07038586809
    2. Mr. Damilola on 07033010564
    If the problem is not resolved on time, please call any of the following numbers:
    1. Your *HOD* or *Dean*
    2. The Dean Students Affairs on 08032738864 or
    3. The University PRO on 08037937287

    However, if you are yet to join the online classes or yet to activate your OLMS account on the University portal, please take the following steps:

    *Step A.* Activate your institutional email account by following this guide:
    1. Visit http://www.gmail.com

    2. If the page loads your Google Gmail’s inbox, logout (or click on ‘Add another account’) 3. Login using your institutional email (e.g. damilola.olowookere@iuokada.edu.ng) and your password (defaults to *iuokadamail2015*) **NB* If you have any problem with this step, please send WhatsApp message to Mr. Damilola on 08033010564.

    *Step B.* Check your email _(i.e. Inbox and Spam folder)_ for the link to activate your OLMS account. **NB* If you have problem with this step, pls contact Dr. Matthew on 07038586809. *P.S. If your institutional email was recently created, you won’t need to wait for activation link in your email. You will rather simply signup directly on the OLMS platform via http://olms.iuokada.edu.ng/login/signup.php*

    For further assistance/guidance, please contact your Class Rep., Head of Department or Dean, as the case may be.

    Students are advised to take their online classes very seriously because *Continuous Assessment* are being taken *online* and *graded* and the *Second Semester Examination* is most likely to be taken *online*. *ONLINE EXAMINATION*
    Students who are yet to complete their *school fees* are advised to do so as soon as possible, because only those with evidence of *full payment* would be allowed to participate in the *Second Semester exams

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