How do I win rewards?

Become one of the students that shows up on the LEADERBOARD.

How can I show up on the LEADERBOARD?

Earn points!

How do I earn points?

Points are earned by being active and contributing to ClassDey.

Activity Point(s)
Daily website visit 1
Reply to a post 1
Create a new post in the School news/ Event groups 3
Create a new post to other groups 1
Complete profile 5
Registration 5
Any multimedia (eg photo) uploads garner 3 points each.
You will receive an email notification each time you earn points.

How do I claim my rewards?

Direct messaging ClassDey on Instagram is the best way. Regular members that usually make it to the leaderboard don’t have to.

Payouts are on Fridays.

Leaderboard Position Reward
1st N5000
2nd N3000
3rd N2000
4th-10th N1000
Only points earned within the current week are determined for ranking.


👆 Tap image to copy referral link to your clipboard. Then you can paste anywhere.

My referrals

N200 per referral (referees must use register with email address and have their profile filled)

Open only to IUO students. Please note that ClassDey maintains the right to modify or end this reward scheme at any time.

Rewards must be claimed on Fridays.