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    Igbinedion University Showcases Student Talent at the Festival of Plays During 2024 Matriculation Week

    In celebration of creativity and talent, the Department of Theatre Arts at Igbinedion University Okada recently hosted its Festival of Plays as part of the 2024 Matriculation Week. The event, held at the University Arts Theatre from February 19th to 22nd, featured a captivating lineup of four major plays performed by the university’s first and second-year students, hailing from various departments and colleges.

    The showcased plays included “Saturday Morning” by Okhaifo Phillander Eseigbe, “A Restless Run of Locusts” and “Fire Burns and Die” by Femi Osofisan, and “Wedlock of the Gods” by Zulu Sofola. The performances were met with enthusiasm and applause from the audience, showcasing the dedication and talent of the university’s budding actors and actresses.

    Professor Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor of the university, commended the Department of Theatre Arts and the students for their outstanding contributions to the success of the festival. In his remarks, he underscored Igbinedion University’s commitment to academic excellence, research, and knowledge production tailored to meet both national and global demands.

    Emphasising the importance of mentorship and collaboration between academia and industry, Professor Ezemonye highlighted the university’s focus on entrepreneurship development. This commitment culminated in the establishment of the Benin Film Academy in partnership with industry stalwarts like Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, aimed at nurturing the next generation of filmmakers and fostering growth in the film industry.

    The festival of plays serves as a platform for aspiring filmmakers associated with academic institutions to showcase their talents and skills. By providing this opportunity, the university aims to support the development of student filmmakers and contribute to the overall advancement of the film industry.

    The event not only showcased the artistic prowess of the students but also demonstrated Igbinedion University’s dedication to holistic education that nurtures creativity, innovation, and industry-relevant skills among its student body. The Festival of Plays stands as a testament to the university’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its role in shaping the future of the arts and entertainment industry.

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